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Mma Fitness Challenges Everyday People To Get Into Fighting Shape

How about executing an arm bar or a rear-naked workout program choke? Everyday people are looking to mixed workout program martial arts for a fun and challenging workout minus the blood. Tweet Julie Bruce was looking for something to punch up her workout when she stepped barefoot onto the mat at Life Time Fitness. I had been doing a lot of running and high-intensity spin classes and had hit a plateau, said Bruce, 49, a financial consultant from Shakopee . Thats when she discovered Life Times Fight Shape class, which put gym her body to the test as she learned to grapple, strike and execute takedowns. I was thinking, I really dont want to hit anybody or anything, she said, but I went to the class and I was like, Oh, this isnt so bad. Bruce is learning mixed martial arts, the fast-growing combat sport popularized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In the UFC, two fighters square off inside a cage, attempting to harm each other with a mix of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing and other fighting styles. Victory is often decided by a brutal knockout or a suffocating chokehold.
Full story: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/health/232394601.html

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