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Guardian Centers? Biggest Exercise Draws Hundreds

The Virginia crews arrived at Robins Air Force Base on Monday around 3 a.m., then got to work. They were largely link focused Monday and workouts Tuesday on a simulated collapsed building, meant to simulate the aftermath read more... of the Oklahoma City bombing. Cars were crushed in a garage, and a rescue worker suspended from ropes worked to knock a hole through a near-vertical concrete slab. American crews used similar skills to deal with the aftermath of Japans tsunami. Not far away, a U.S. Army unit out of Fort Benning was setting up communications gear, setting up barbed-wire barricades and welcoming helicopters. Burkart said at its peak this week, the training exercise will bring about 700 rescue workers to Guardian Centers. The facility -- site of a former Northrop Grumman Corp. missile plant -- is designed to host 7,000 people, Burkart said.
Read more: http://www.macon.com/2014/03/25/3011973/guardian-centers-biggest-exercise.html

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